Record mode display

The Optio 550 has no less than four different live view displays. The first has just basic settings information overlaid.

Press DISPLAY for the second view, a live histogram in the bottom right corner of the screen along with camera settings information.

Press DISPLAY for the third view, a 'thirds' grid overlay and the currently metered exposure.

Press DISPLAY for the fourth and final view, the thirds grid goes away but leaves the metered exposure in the bottom left of the screen.

Half-press the shutter release button and the camera will attempt to auto focus and lock exposure. If auto focus was successful the AF area (wide or spot) will turn green. Note that the exposure is shown at the bottom left corner of the screen.

After taking the shot a review is displayed briefly. Press the Flash/Delete button to delete the image before it is finalized or OK to start recording an audio annotation.
Here is an example of manual focus mode, press the up and down arrows to focus, as you do the center portion of the image (as indicated by the black box) is magnified to assist in checking the focus accuracy.
Selecting the AF area in 'Focusing area mode', in this mode you can select any one of 5 focus areas to be used for auto focus. An example of one of the manual exposure modes (Av, Tv or M) where the small up/down arrows indicate the exposure setting which can be changed. In manual mode the difference to the metered exposure is also shown.
Example of movie clip record mode, as you can see you are limited to a maximum movie clip length of 600 seconds (10 minutes) and that optical zoom is not available (only digital zoom). Example of a PICT scene mode, in this case Portrait mode. You can change PICT mode by pressing the up and down arrows.
Example of a digital filter, in this case black and white mode. Again, use the up and down arrows on the 4-way controller to change filter. Panorama mode, the camera will overlay the edge of the last image on the next and so on.
Here you can see how the function feature works. You can program a setting to any one of the arrow keys on the 4-way controller. Hold down the menu button and press that direction to modify a setting. Very useful. Voice recorder mode. In this mode you can record an unlimited number of audio clips continuously until the storage card runs out of space.

Play mode display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. This is the normal display mode. As indicated by the on-screen icon press the OK button to begin recording an audio annotation. If one is already 'attached' press the down arrow to play it. Press DISPLAY to show a histogram of the image as well as extended information such as camera settings and exposure. Press DISPLAY once more to switch to a clean image view with nothing overlaid.

Press the delete button to delete the current image or attached sound file. Press delete twice to delete all images.

Press the protect button to protect or unprotect the current image. As with the delete button a double-press gives the option to protect or unprotect all images.

Press the zoom controller to wide to switch to this 3x3 image thumbnail view, use the 4-way controller to browse. You can not use the delete or protect buttons in this mode.

Press the zoom controller to tele to magnify the image, you can zoom in up to 8x. Use the 4-way controller to scroll around.