Record mode display

Here we can see an example of the default live display view, the center brackets indicate the auto focus area (you can select either wide or spot). Information overlaid in this case:

Flash cancel, 2411 frames remaining, battery at full power, +0.7 EV exposure compensation, date & time.

Here we're already half-pressed the shutter release and are ready to shoot. Notice the exposure is now displayed and that the AF bracket has turned green to indicate a good focus (they turn red if the AF couldn't lock). After shooting a preview is displayed briefly (this can be set to Off, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 seconds). During this preview you can press the Erase (Flash) button to delete the image (requires confirmation). Note that this is the same display as you would see by pressing the OK button to preview the last recorded image.
Press the DISPLAY button from the default display mode (above) switches to the live histogram and detailed exposure information mode. This histogram updates LIVE at approximately 10 frames per second. Press DISPLAY once more and the camera switches to a 'clean' live view, only the auto focus brackets are shown.
Example of Night Scene mode. Example of Manual Exposure mode, the shutter speed and aperture can be changed using the 4-way controller, the yellow exposure 'square' in the center indicates if the selected exposure is under or over the metered value.
Example of movie clip mode, you can record a maximum of 30 seconds in any one clip. Audio is not recorded. Example of multiple exposure mode, you select a previously shot image as the 'template' and can then choose to overlay the next shot taken in one of three different ways (detailed earlier in this review).

Manual Focus

In manual focus mode press the 4-way controller up or down to select the focus point. As you do so a ruler (although with no distance indications) is shown on the left side of the LCD monitor. The Optio 330 has a large number of focus positions although moving through them is quite a noisy experience.

Playback display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. Just like several other digital cameras the Optio 330 uses a 'rough thumbnail' image which it loads extremely quickly. As soon as the full resolution image has been loaded from the CF card the rough image is replaced with a cleaner one (as above). Press DISPLAY to switch to a more detailed display which includes a histogram and detailed exposure and camera settings information.
Press DISPLAY once more to switch to a 'clean view' with no overlaid information.  

Press the zoom controller towards telephoto to magnify the displayed image. Once zoomed in you can scroll around using the 4-way controller. Press OK to display a 3 x 3 thumbnail index display.
With all of the 'top buttons' (delete, DPOF mark, protect) you have the choice of affecting just one image (a single button press) or all images (press the same button twice).