Record mode display

The K-x's control panel screen is almost identical to the one that can be found on its bigger brother, the K-7. It gives you a good overview of all relevant shooting settings but, unlike some of the competition, it is not interactive; if you want to change a setting you have to do so via the corresponding hard button. A range of less frequently used settings can be accessed by pressing the INFO button in shooting mode. On this screen you can navigate using the four-way controller. A 'click' on one of the settings takes you to a further screen where you make the change or alternatively you can use the rear dial to browse through the different options.

The control panel screen shows the status of most camera settings that are controlled via hard buttons. Unlike recent DSLRs from Olympus, Canon and Nikon you can't 'enter' the screen and change settings on-screen. Pressing the INFO button brings up another screen which includes a range of settings which were not assigned their dedicated hard button such as image quality and size or digital filters. These settings can then be altered on-screen.

Play mode

Pressing the Play button will display the last image taken or the last image on the SD card, the display mode will depend on the last selected setting. You can also enable blinking highlights in the playback menu. Change the display mode by pressing the INFO button.

Image review (file type & file number) Review with histogram (press down arrow for separate histograms for each color channel)
Image review with detailed information Image review, no information

Image magnification / thumbnail index

The K-x offers image magnification between 1.2x and 16x. You can also optionally preset the initial zoom step in the playback menu.

Image magnify, 1.2x Image magnify, 3.4x
Image magnify, 9.5x Image magnify, 16x

Playback retouching

The K-x offers a range of in-camera editing options. This includes rotating, cropping, application of digital filters and processing of RAW files. In review mode press the down arrow on the four-way controller to get to the editing menu. See page 19 of this review for more detail on the digital filters.

The edit screen in Playback mode Raw processing
Image comparison Digital filters