Rear of camera controls

The layout of the K-x's rear controls is identical to the K2000 but a couple of button functions have changed (to accommodate live view). Like on most entry level cameras the number of buttons is relatively small and like on the K2000 all buttons (apart from flash-up) are located to the right of the screen which gives the backside of the K-x an almost compact-camera like appearance.

Buttons (shooting mode)

UP Pop-up Flash

Press this button to release the flash electronically.

Enter or leave the camera 'Main Menu'.
INFO Control Panel

Displays the control panel in which a number of settings, such as custom image, metering, file type and file quality, can be changed.
Play button

Enters playback mode
Flash mode

• Flash On -> Adjust flash exposure compensation
• Flash On + Red-eye -> Adjust flash exposure compensation
• Slow speed sync-> Adjust flash exposure compensation
• Slow speed sync+ Red-eye -> Adjust flash exposure compensation
• Trailing curtain sync-> Adjust flash exposure compensation
• Wireless mode-> Adjust flash exposure compensation
WB White Balance

• Auto
• Daylight
• Shade
• Cloudy
• Fluorescent Daylight Colors, Daylight White ,White
• Tungsten
• Flash
• Manual -> Adjust
ISO ISO sensitivity

• Auto -> Customize
• 100
• 200
• 400
• 800
• 1600
• 3200
• 6400
• 12800
Live view

Enters Live view mode
Drive mode

• Single
• Continuous Hi
• Continuous Lo
• Self Timer 12 sec
• Self Timer 2 sec
• Remote
• Remote & Self Timer 3 sec
• Auto Bracket -> Adjust
AF / AE-L Auto Focus / Exposure lock

Locks the focus. This button can be reprogrammed to lock the exposure at the currently metered point as well.

Enters a menu screen to specify flash behavior - Rear dial sets flash exposure compensation
• Flash on
• Flash on with Red-eye reduction
• Slow-speed sync
• Slow-speed sync with Red-eye reduction
• Trailing curtain sync
• Wireless flash mode

Buttons (play mode)

Thumbnail index

Turn the command dial to the left to switch to a thumbnail view (number of thumbnails can be defined by pressing the INFO button). Rotating the dial again shows a folder level view. Use the four way controller to move around this index of images or folders.

Turn the dial to the right to magnify the displayed image, available magnification steps are: 1.2x, 1.4x, 1.7x, 2x, 2.4x, 2.8x, 3.4x, 4x, 4.8x, 5.7x, 6.7x, 8x, 9.5x, 11x, 14x and 16x. You can preset the initial zoom step to something more than 1.2x. A magnified image can be scrolled using the four way controller and image changed with the front dial.
Protect / Un-protect

Allows you to protect (set the file system read-only flag) or un-protect the selected image or all images.

Enter or leave the camera 'Main Menu'.

Delete the currently displayed image. You can choose to delete JPEG only, RAW only or both.
Four-way controller

Left and Right arrows scroll through different images.

The Down arrow enters the image adjustment screen [described later in the article] which includes options to correct image alignment, apply digital filters, take a manual white balance from a saved image, or enter compare mode.
INFO Display change

Toggles through the four play display modes:
• Image with file type & file number
• Image with file type, file number & histogram (press up or down on the four-way controller to switch between luminosity and RGB histogram)
• Image thumbnail with detailed information display (press up or down to see Photographer and Copyright Holder information)
• Image only

Front of camera controls

AF mode switch


Auto Focus

In the shooting menu and control panel you can change the AF-mode between AF.A (Auto), AF.S (Single) and AF.C (Continuous).

MF Manual Focus

Lenses must be focused manually.