Battery compartment

The battery compartment is located in the base of the camera's hand grip. The door is opened by sliding a lock lever to the left and then pulling the door towards the front of the camera. Inside there is space for four AA batteries (either Lithium, Alkaline or Ni-MH).

Secure Digital (SD/SDHC) compartment

The K-x supports both SD and SDHC memory cards. The compartment door is located at the rear of the hand grip and is opened by sliding it backwards. Like on the K2000 the K-x will not shut down if you open the card door.


On the left side of the camera behind a small plastic cover you'll find the camera's only connector which doubles as a USB 2.0 and video port (PAL and NTSC compatible). Despite of its HD video recording capability the K-x does not feature an HDMI-output.

Camera base / tripod mount

The base of the camera has a metal tripod mount aligned with the lens axis and focal plane. There are no rubber feet on the K-x's underneath.

Pop-up flash

The K-x has a 'P-TTL' pop-up flash unit which has an electronic catch-type release (meaning it can be raised manually or automatically by the camera). The flash unit has a guide number of 11 (which equates to an approximate range of 3.9 m at F2.8, ISO 100, GN 16 at ISO 200, which is the K-x's base sensitivity) and a field of view coverage of approximately 28 mm (35mm equivalent). Flash sync speed is 1/180 sec. The K-x doesn't have a dedicated AF assist lamp, instead it strobes the flash unit (if raised) to provide additional illumination to the AF system.


The K-x hot-shoe can be used with Pentax specific flash units to achieve P-TTL auto flash, high-speed sync and wireless (such as the AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ) or simply to provide a sync signal to third party flash or studio strobes.

Lens Mount

The K-x has a KAF2 bayonet lens mount which can take lenses with a KAF3, KAF2, KAF or KA mount. Pentax has a range of DA 'designed for digital' lenses which are designed for the APS size sensor (smaller imaging circle) which are smaller and lighter than full frame lenses but you can still purchase lenses which will work on 35mm film as well. As usual on the lens mount there is a red indicator dot for aligning the lens which locks by rotating clockwise