LCD monitor

Like the K2000 the K-x's screen measures 2.7 inches and provides a resolution of 230,000 dots combined with a wide viewing-angle.The brightness of the screen is adjustable.

Additionally, like on the K-7, the screen can be fine-tuned to provide a neutral color appearance.


Like the K200D and K-m the K-x comes with a pentamirror viewfinder that provides a relatively large view for an entry-level DSLR (96% coverage, 0.85x magnification). It also offers dioptre correction (-2.5 – +1.5).

Viewfinder view

When looking through the viewfinder you'll see the AF frame and the spot metering frame. Normally the AF areas are not visible, the image below is simulated to indicate the position of the AF points. You can choose from Auto AF-point selection (5 or 11 point), manual selection or center point only.

Viewfinder size

One figure hidden away in every SLR's spec is the size of the viewfinder (often in a format that makes comparison between competing models impossible). The size of the viewfinder is a key factor in the usability of an SLR - the bigger it is, the easier it is to frame and focus your shots, and the more enjoyable and involving process it is.

Because of the way viewfinders are measured (using a fixed lens, rather than a lens of equivalent magnification), you also need to take the sensor size into account, so the numbers in the diagram below are the manufacturer's specified magnifications divided by the respective 'crop factors'. The Pentax K-x viewfinder is pretty much in line with its most direct rivals. It's exactly the same size as the Canon EOS 500D (not shown in the diagram) and only marginally larger than the Nikon D5000, but quite significantly larger than the Four Thirds viewfinder of the Olympus E-620. For reference we are also showing the EOS-1Ds Mark III (currently the biggest viewfinder on the DSLR market).

The K-x's viewfinder magnification- 0.54x - is fractionally larger than the Nikon D5000 and the same as the Canon EOS 500D.

Viewfinder crop

Most cameras at this level crop the frame slightly when you look through the viewfinder - in other words you get slightly more in the final picture than you see through the viewfinder. The Pentax K-x only shows 96% (vertically and horizontally) of the frame which is pretty much in line with the competition.

Pentax K-x: 96% viewfinder