Shooting mode Information display

Pressing the INFO button in shooting mode displays a page of information about the current camera configuration. Press the down arrow on the four way controller to get an additional description on the current exposure mode.

Play mode

Pressing the Play button will display the last image taken or the last image on the SD card, the display mode will depend on the last selected setting. You can also enable blinking highlights by setting the 'Bright Portion' option in the playback menu. Change the display mode by pressing the INFO button.

Image review with no overlay Image review (file type & file number)
Image review with detailed information Image review with luminance histogram
Image review with RGB histogram  

Image magnification / thumbnail index

The K200D offers image magnification between 1.2x and 16x. You can also optionally preset the initial zoom step to something more than 1.2x.

Image magnify, 1.2x Image magnify, 6.0x
Image magnify, 12.0x Thumbnail index (also selective delete)

Other Play mode functions

Pressing the Function (Fn) button in play mode displays the Function menu which offers Digital Filter, DPOF, Slideshow playback, RAW development and image comparison.

Press the Fn button and then OK in review mode to compare two images Pressing the delete button gives you a number of options
Function menu Sepia digital filter
Soft digital filter DPOF mode, select the number of copies for this image and date option