Rear of camera controls

The rear layout of the K200D is, apart from the larger screen, identical to its predecessor's. The four-way controller and Fn button are the central elements, menu and play buttons are located down the left side of the screen.

Buttons (shooting mode)

UP Pop-up Flash

Press this button to release the flash electronically.

Enter or leave the camera 'Main Menu'.
INFO Camera information

Displays a camera information page with a summary of settings such as exposure mode, ISO sensitivity, metering mode, image parameter settings.
Play mode

Enters play mode, displays the last image taken or the last image on the SD card. Press again to leave play mode (or simply half-press the shutter release).
Fn Function

Press this button to display a four way menu on the LCD monitor, each direction of the four way controller then allows you to modify white balance, drive mode, ISO sensitivity and flash mode. You can use the up and down arrows to change a setting then OK or half-press the shutter release to confirm. Available settings:

• White balance
Fluorescent Daylight, Neutral White ,White
Manual -> Adjust

• Drive mode
Continuous Hi
Continuous Lo
Self Timer 12 sec
Self Timer 2 sec
Remote & Self Timer 3 sec
Auto Bracket -> Adjust

• ISO sensitivity
Auto -> Customize

• Flash mode
Flash On -> Adjust flash exposure compensation
Flash On + Red-eye -> Adjust flash exposure compensation
Wireless mode-> Adjust flash exposure compensation

Buttons (play mode)

Thumbnail index

Turn the command dial to the left to switch to a 3x3 (9 image) thumbnail index display or the folder view. Use the four way controller to move around this index of images.

Turn the dial to the right to magnify the displayed image, available magnification steps are: 1.2x, 1.4x, 1.7x, 2.0x, 2.4x, 2.8x, 3.4x, 4.0x, 4.8x, 5.7x, 6.7x, 8.0x, 9.5x, 11.0x, 14.0x, 16.0x. You can preset the initial zoom step to something more than 1.2x. A magnified image can be scrolled using the four way controller.
Protect / Un-protect

Allows you to protect (set the file system read-only flag) or un-protect the selected image or all images.

Enter or leave the camera 'Main Menu'.

Delete the currently displayed image or all images on the SD card. This will ignore images which have been protected.
INFO Display change

Toggles through the four play display modes:
• Image only
• Image with file type & file number
• Image with file type, file number & histogram
• Image thumbnail with detailed information display

Front of camera controls

The are two controls on the front of the camera, the Auto Focus / Manual Focus switch which is on the left side of the lens barrel (from the back) and the new RAW button right above it. A press of the RAW button will change the recording file format. This can be customized in the record menu.