Shooting mode information display

An important part of both the engineering and marketing processes is that of benchmarking - scrutinizing the products you wish to compete with and making sure your product is competitive in the key areas you've identified. And our first impressions of the K2000 are of a camera that has been carefully and extensively benchmarked against its peers.

For example, Pentax has substantially re-worked its information display and now offers the kind of direct access information panel that has become popular on entry-level DSLRs. And the K2000's version works in the same well-thought-through manner as some of the better systems we've previously encountered.

The control panel screen shows the camera settings. Pressing the Exp Comp. button switches between parameters, live on the display.
Pressing OK allows direct access to the settings. Spinning the control dial changes the highlighted setting... ...while pressing the OK button again brings up a separate page showing all the options for each setting.

Help screens

Continuing the K2000's new-user friendly theme is the provision of that most useful modern contrivance: a '?' button. Pressing the button once offers up advice on the current shooting mode, pressing it again invites you to press the button that you'd like to know more about.

Pressing '?' once tells you about the current shooting mode. Pressing again tells you about the function of the next button you press.

Play mode

Pressing the Play button will display the last image taken or the last image on the SD card, the display mode will depend on the last selected setting. You can also enable blinking highlights by setting the 'Bright Portion' option in the playback menu. Change the display mode by pressing the INFO button.

Image review (file type & file number) Review with histogram (press down arrow for separate histograms)
Image review with detailed information Image review, no information

Image magnification / thumbnail index

The K2000 offers image magnification between 1.2x and 16x. You can also optionally preset the initial zoom step to something more than 1.2x.

Image magnify, 1.2x Image magnify, 16.0x
Thumbnail index (Number of images, 4, 9 or 16, defined in playback menu) View by date