Rear of camera controls

Although initially complex in appearance the rear of the camera is actually pretty straightforward. There are five controls associated with the LCD monitor, they are the four buttons down the left side (MENU, Trash, INFO, Play) and the Fn button. The Fn button displays a four-way settings menu on the LCD monitor which allows you to change flash mode, drive mode, ISO sensitivity and flash mode.



Enters or leaves Menu mode (described later in this article).
Delete (play mode only)

In play mode or record review provides the option to delete the currently displayed image. In play mode you can press this button twice to be given the option to delete all images.

Shooting information / Play display mode

In shooting mode this button displays current camera settings [clip] In play mode it toggles between the four display modes; image with no overlay, image with basic overlay, image with overlaid histogram, full detail with thumbnail image and extensive exposure information.


Enters or leaves Play mode (described later in this article).
Four-way buttons

In shooting mode with the AF-point selection lever set to 'SEL' you can use the four-way buttons to select the active AF-point. In play mode the left and right buttons are used to browse images.

Function menu

Displays an on-screen Function menu which provides you with four options depending on the current mode (shooting / play), these are described in more detail later in this article:

Shooting mode:
 • White balance
 • Drive mode
 • ISO sensitivity
 • Flash mode
Play mode:
 • Digital Filter
 • Print order (DPOF)
 • Slideshow
 • RAW development
Shake Reduction (shooting mode only)

Turn this lever to enable or disable shake reduction, when enabled the Shake Reduction icon will appear on the viewfinder status bar when it is active (during the 'half-press' stage of the exposure).

AF point selection


The camera automatically selects the AF point or points and indicates these by lighting them briefly on the viewfinder view.


You can manually select one of the eleven AF point to be used for auto focus.


Sets auto focusing to the center point only.

Front of camera controls

On the front right side of the camera are the final three controls. From top to bottom; the flash release button, the RAW button (press once to take the next shot as RAW+JPEG, you can also set this to toggle between JPEG and RAW+JPEG via the custom menu), the auto focus mode lever (auto focus single, auto focus continuous and manual focus).