The K100D is provided with two CD-ROM's which include:

  • Full camera manuals
    Detailed camera manuals in PDF format.
  • Pentax Photo Browser 3 (Windows / Mac)
    Image browsing (JPEG and RAW), organization, viewing and comparison, conversion of PEF (Pentax RAW) to DNG, detailed metadata (including lens used, Shake Reduction information) *
  • Pentax Photo Laboratory 3 (Windows / Mac)
    Automatic or advanced manual RAW conversion (including white balance, digital exposure compensation, noise reduction, lens aberration correction, tone curve and highlight compensation) *

* Note that both these applications are 'Powered by Silkypix'.

RAW conversion

As is normal in our digital SLR reviews I like to compare the supplied RAW conversion software and some third party RAW converter. The output from Photo Browser and Laboratory is identical which means they both use the same conversion engine, so we only need to include Photo Laboratory here along with Adobe Camera RAW 3.6.

  • JPEG - Large/Fine, Default settings
  • PPL- Pentax Photo Laboratory 3.02
  • ACR - Adobe Camera RAW 3.6

Color reproduction

Place your mouse over the label below the image to see the color from a GretagMacbeth ColorChecker chart produced using each RAW converter. As far as color in concerned there is virtually no difference between 'JPEG Bright' output and the default output from Pentax Photo Laboratory, as we are used to seeing Adobe Camera RAW takes a more conservative, less saturated approach to color.

Pentax K100D Compare to:  
BrightNaturalAdobe RGB BrightAdobe RGB Natural

Sharpness and Detail

Photo Laboratory delivers a similar amount of detail as the 'out of camera' JPEG, perhaps just slightly better edge definition but a little less 'texture' on the watch face. The best performance here was Adobe Camera RAW which delivered sharp, crisp edge detail and good texture.





We are very pleased to see that Pentax has tweaked / replaced the demosaicing engine used in the *ist DS which produced below average resolution in JPEG's, the new engine delivers good resolution up to and beyond extinction which will help to deliver sharp detail as well as surface texture. The best results again were obtained using Adobe Camera RAW closely followed by Photo Laboratory.

JPEG from camera Photo Laboratory (RAW)
Adobe Camera RAW 3.6 (RAW)