Custom Function menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Setting • Off
• On
None of the options below are visible unless this is set to On
Noise Reduction 1: On
2: Off
Slow exposure noise reduction
Exposure Setting Steps 1: 1/2 EV
2: 1/3 EV
Sensitivity correction 1: Off
2: ISO 1600
3: ISO 3200
Auto ISO
ISO Sensitivity Warning Display 1: Off
2: 400
3: 800
4: 1600
5: 3200
Shows the 'ISO' warning text on the viewfinder information line at a certain ISO sensitivity
Link AF and AE 1: Off
2: On
When set to On the camera links AE to the AF point
Metering Operating Time 1: 10 sec
2: 3 sec
3: 30 sec
Exposure metering timer on time
AE-L with AF locked 1: Off
2: On
AF-AE Lock on
Recordable Image No. 1: Reordable image no.
2: Buffer
When set to 'Buffer' the camera will display the buffer space on the viewfinder line
OK button when shooting 1: Center of AF point
2: Enable AF
3: Cancel AF
Customize the function of the OK button
Superimpose AF area 1: On
2: Off
Superimpose the AF area on the focus screen
AF in remote control 1: Off
2: On
Enable or disable AF during remote trigger
FI with S lens used 1: Disable
2: Enable
Focus Indicator On / Off when using S mount lens
Using aperture ring 1: Prohibited
2: Permitted
Enable or disable shutter release when aperture set to value other than A
Release when charging 1: Off
2: On
Disable shutter release while internal flash is recharging
Instant Review Display 1: Normal Playback
2: Playback with Histogram
Changes the record review display format
Magnification to Start Zoom Playback 1: 1.2x
2: 2x
3: 4x
4: 8x
5: 12x
Sets default magnification level in play mode
Manual WB measurement 1: Entire screen
2: Spot metering area
Measure manual WB from full area or just spot
Color space 1: sRGB
2: Adobe RGB
Set image color space
Reset Custom Function • Reset
• Cancel
Reset all custom functions to 1 (default)