Display and menus contd

As in record mode you can choose from three levels of information overlaid on your images when in playback (none, basic information, advanced information - including a full RGB histogram). As well as scrolling through images normally you can hold down the left or right button and speed through saved images at around 10fps.
Pushing the zoom lever to the left (wide) brings up - very quickly - a page of 3x3 thumbnails. Push the zoom lever to the left again and you can browse your saved images by date using this 'calendar' view.
You can also magnify images up to 8.0x by moving the zoom lever to the right. The four directional keys let you scroll around the image. Pressing the menu button in playback mode displays two tabs of menu options (Setup, is the same as in record mode). The Play menu gives you the usual options for slide shows, printing and protecting, as well as more advanced options (rotating, trimming, resizing)
There are also a couple of very unusual options for changing the white balance or brightness of saved shots. The white balance change is not perfect, but it's useful if you don't do post-processing. There is even an option for removing keystone (correcting perspective), though the results are usually too severely cropped for most scenic shots (sample)