Play mode display

Switching to play mode displays the last image taken. This is the default information level. Press OK/Display to extend information to a histogram, camera settings and exposure display.
Press OK/Display once more to switch off all overlaid information. An example of delete mode, press the delete button once more to perform this action on all images (the same is true for the protect and DPOF buttons).
Press the zoom lever towards telephoto to magnify the displayed image, the 750Z supports magnification of up to 10x, you can pan around using the four way controller. You can also set the initial level of zoom to 2x, 4x or 10x.
Press the zoom lever towards wide angle to switch to a 3x3 thumbnail index. Press the zoom lever towards wide angle once more to switch to a folder selection view (only one folder in this case).
An example of the resize preview screen, you can output the displayed image to a range of different sizes and qualities. An example of the crop screen, the size, position, orientation and aspect ratio of the crop box can be changed before a new image is output.
An example of play mode 'Digital Filters' which can be applied to an image, output as a new image or overwrite the existing image. One of the available Digital Filter's is image brightness which can be adjusted in-camera (pretty useful).