Record mode display

Live view information

Normal view with basic information Normal view with histogram and histogram information ('Display 1').
Default view for 'Display 2', as with 'Display 1' this can be customized via the Setup menu. An example of customized 'Display 2' with all information shown, including a Rule Of Thirds grid.
If the histogram is shown on the selected display mode then the camera will also blink under / overexposed areas of the image. (Created here by using spot metering) During a half-press this blinking turns steady to indicate clearly the areas of the image which will be under / overexposed.

Exposure sequence & Review

Typical live view before half-pressing the shutter release. Number of available frames in the top right corner along with battery status. During a 'half-press' of the shutter release, the camera displays the AF area in green (if it achieved an AF lock), the exposure is also now shown (1/30 sec, F3.8).
After taking the shot a brief review is displayed. Note that it is possible to delete / cancel the image during review by pressing the delete button.  

Other record display examples

Press the Fn button to display the customizable function menu, four options each assigned to a direction arrow. An example of selecting White Balance from the function menu, the live view continues behind the selection menu.
Selecting the Picture (Scene) mode in PICT exposure mode. An example of the panorama assist mode, here we have already taken one frame, a part of which is overlaid transparently on the live view.
Selecting the Digital Filter mode. An example of the 750Z's unique Digital Exposure Metering Mode.
In manual focus mode the center portion of the frame is magnified during adjustment, after a couple of seconds that focus position is locked and the view reverts back to normal. You must press the focus mode button again to adjust focus.