The 750Z was announced on 16th August 2004 as a part of Pentax's new line-up for the Photokina 2004 trade show. Pentax are clearly aiming for 'retro appeal' with this camera, from its fake leather front (it's rubber) to the chrome piping, big viewfinder window, and prominent mode dial. Behind the five times optical zoom lens is the industry's latest favorite, a 1/1.8" seven megapixel CCD. What's slightly curious about the 750Z is that they appear to use a slightly smaller area of the sensor than the others (16 less pixels horizontally, 8 vertically). Other than that this camera measures up to others in the same segment (Canon G6, Casio EX-P700 etc.) with a full quota of manual controls and a wide range of additional digital features.

Five $700 seven megapixel digital cameras

This review was produced as part of a group test of five seven megapixel digital cameras, all of which offer similar features and all of which cost (at the time of posting these reviews; 2nd Dec 2004) around $700. The 'Compared to...' section of this review is shared with the other reviews. The five reviews (in alphabetical order):