Video is not the K-1 II's strong suit, but the camera can capture HD video at up to 30p in a pinch and the in-body IS is helpful for stabilizing hand-held shots.

Key takeaways:

  • Video capture up to 1080/30p.
  • Full HD footage is unchanged from the K-1 and looks somewhat soft/lacks detail, compared to the competition.
  • No Phase Detect AF during video, only contrast detect, which is prone to hunting.
  • Focus peaking is available, but only prior to hitting record.
  • The camera has both a mic and headphone input.

Video overview

Video capabilities on the K-1 II are identical to that of the K-1, which is to say, on the modest side compared to other cameras at this price point. The K-1 II includes Full HD/1080p recording capability at up to 30 fps, but lacks a 4K video recording option. Phase Detect AF isn't an option in video mode - users can still use Contrast Detect during capture but it is very prone to hunting.

These are the very limited AF settings that you have to choose from. Keep in mind that the majority of these settings will not work while recording is taking place.

The K-1 II offers focus peaking, but only before you begin video capture, so lock in your point of focus before hitting record. This also means that while you can manually focus in movie mode, nailing focus will take some guess work. Other movie-making tools include manual audio levels and wind noise reduction. There is no clean HDMI out or zebra warnings. The camera does offer a full-size headphone and microphone socket.

Above are a few examples that demonstrate the K-1's video recording performance, which is identical to that of the K-1 Mark II. This video includes a daylight sample, a daylight sample with image stabilization and a low light sample shot at ISO 10,000 all taken at 1080/30p.

The image stabilization seemed to work fairly well when panning but definitely suffered when walking along with the camera in hand (this is to be expected to some degree, as this is definitely a stress test for the IBIS system). When examining the camera's video still, output appears to be rather soft and lacking in detail when compared to the D750.