Image stabilization

The MEGA O.I.S image Stabilization system used on the TZ1 (and all other recent Panasonic models) works, and it works well. There are two modes: Mode 1 (IS on all the time) and Mode 2 (IS is activated at the moment the exposure is made). Mode 1 makes framing easier - the IS system steadies the preview image. Mode 2, which minimizes the amount of movement needed by waiting until the actual moment you press the shutter, is generally more effective. The examples below pretty much bear out our experiences; that mode 2 is more effective at extremes (such as the first example, where we're shooting at 5 stops slower than recommended), but that if you're nearer the correct shutter speed mode 1 is just as useful.

Because the TZ1 is inherently less stable than a bigger, heavier camera, the advantage of image stabilization is even more noticeable, and - as long as you don't expect miracles - it is able to counter camera shake surprisingly well, even at the long end of the 10x zoom.

1/8th second, hand-held, 350mm (equiv.)
IS off IS mode 1 IS mode 2
1/40th second, hand-held, 350mm (equiv.)
IS off IS mode 1 IS mode 2