Camera Menus (contd.)

Custom menu

The custom menu allows you to configure the camera at a more detailed level, this includes customization of the buttons and dials and auto focus / exposure options. We were pleased to see the noise reduction and color space options have moved to the record menu, where they should have been all along.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Custom Set Memory  • C1: Set 1
 • C2: Set 2
 • C3: Set 3
Store current custom settings as a set group. [clip]
AF/AE Lock  • AE
 • AF
 • AF/AE
Determines the behavior of the AFL/AEL button
AF/AE Lock Hold  • Off
 • On
Controls the function of the AFL/AEL button (must be held or toggle)
ISO Limit Set  • Off
 • 200
 • 400
 • 800
 • 1600
By selecting anything other than 'off' the camera will increase the ISO value (even if a manual ISO has been set) up to the limit chosen in P, A and C modes. [clip]
Dial Set  • Exposure Compensation
Rear Dial
Front Dial
 • Rear Dial
Shutter Speed
Determines which dial is used to change which setting. [clip]
Focus Priority  • Off
 • On
AF Assist Lamp  • Off
 • On
AF+MF  • Off
 • On
AF-LED  • Off
 • On
Controls whether the AF LED on the focusing screen lights
Live View AF  • Phase Difference
 • Contrast Detect
Pixel Refresh  • Yes
 • No
Maps dead pixels (manual recommends once a year)
Display Set  • Record Info - On/Off
 • Histogram - On/Off
 • Guide 1 - On/Off
 • Guide 2 - On/Off /Position

- the position of the 'quarters' frame guide can be changed.
Menu Resume  • Off
 • On
'On' remembers the last menu item that was being used when the camera is turned off (and returns to it next time).
Shoot Without Lens  • Off
 • On

Play menu

From the play menu you can execute slide shows, rotate, resize, reshape and trim images as well as protecting images individually or in a batch.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Slide show  • Start
 • Duration
1 sec
2 sec
3 sec
5 sec
Favorite  • Off
 • On
 • Cancel
When enabled allows you to mark images as favorites by simply pressing the up arrow.
Rotate Display  • Off
 • On
Rotates portrait orientation images in playback mode
Rotate  • Select
 • Set
DPOF Print  • Single
 • Multi
 • Cancel
Protect  • Single
 • Multi
 • Cancel
Resize  • Select
 • Set
L -> M
L -> S
M -> S
Trimming  • Select
 • Set
Aspect Conversion  • 3:2
 • 4:3