Display modes

The L1 provides three different display modes in playback, press the DISPLAY button to cycle through them. The only thing missing are blinking highlights which are available in record review but at least on our pre-production camera didn't show in playback.


Image magnify

Turn the command dial clockwise to enter magnify mode, keep turning to magnify up to 16x. Use the four way controller to pan around the magnified image. It does appear to us that beyond 8x you aren't actually seeing any more detail.

Thumbnail index

Turn the command dial counter-clockwise to switch to thumbnail index views, there are three different index views; 9 images (3x3), 16 images (4x4) and a useful calendar view which allows you to browse your images by the date they were taken.


Other play functions

Press the Erase button to erase the current image, press again to be prompted to select multiple images or all images. An example of a browsing thumbnail index (6 images) used for selective deletion or the setting of flags such as DPOF or protect.