Record Review

You cannot change the type of record review screen (it doesn't for example match the current play mode display setting), but you can choose to have the record review 'zoom in' to maximum magnification and can set the duration of the thumbnail and magnified displays independently (i.e. you can say 'show the full image for 3 seconds followed by the magnified image for 1 second).


Display modes

The GH1 provides four different display modes in playback, press the DISPLAY button to cycle through them. You can have blinking highlights (this in an option you have to turn on in the setup menu) and RGB histograms and the usual array of shooting information.

1. Full screen image with no information 2. Full screen image with information overlaid
3: Small image, full shooting information 4. Small image, basic shooting information and R,G,B and Luminance histograms

Play magnification

In play mode the front control wheel is used to change the magnification (up to 16 steps) and the arrow keys to scroll around the magnified image.

Play thumbnail index

Turn the command dial counter-clockwise to switch to thumbnail index views, there are three different index views; 12 images (3x4), 30 images (6x5) and a useful calendar view which allows you to browse your images by the date they were taken.