Camera Menus

The GF2's menus have been given a cosmetic makeover, and reordered and rearranged in a more logical fashion. On first pressing 'Menu' you reach a new opening screen (again with a strangely familiar look to it) that gives button-driven access to the mode selection window. The not-much-loved 'My Menu' of most-recently used items has been discarded, presumably because it wouldn't fit on that initial screen.

The first press of the menu button brings you to this opening screen. Five buttons correspond to Panasonic's standard menu tabs (with My Menu removed), the other brings up the Exposure Mode selection screen.

You can tap these buttons to enter the respective menu section, but after that you have to use the 4-way controller to change settings.
The menus proper will look familiar to existing Panasonic owners, just a bit more colourful. Compared to the GF1 they're re-ordered and rationalized, with a few additional options thrown in relating to the camera's touch screen controls.

There are 22 pages in all, divided into five categories: Record, Motion Picture, Custom Menu, Setup, and Playback.

Record menu

The record menu is very similar ito the GF1. There are a couple of additions - the GF2 gains Panasonic's Intelligent Resolution feature, and the 'M' 2.6fps with Live View first seen on the G2. Notable by their absence, though, are Flash Sync (first / second curtain) and Flash Adjust options; the GF2 also loses the GF1's ability to add voice notes to (JPEG) images. In this table and all those that follow the * indicates a material change over the last generation (we haven't marked all the menu items that have moved).

Option Values / Actions Notes
Aspect Ratio  • 4:3
 • 3:2
 • 16:9
 • 1:1
- 4000 x 3000/2816 x 2112/2048 x 153
- 4000 x 2652/2816 x 1880/2048 x 1360
- 4000 x 2248/2816 x 1584/1920 x 1080
- 2992 x 2992/2112 x 2112/1504 x 1504
Picture Size  • Large
 • Medium
 • Small
Quality  • Fine
 • Standard
 • RAW + Fine
 • RAW + Standard
 • RAW
RAW mode stores only the maximum number of pixels of your chosen aspect ratio, not necessarily the entire sensor.
Face Recognition  • Off
 • On
 • Memory
 • Set
Focus Mode *  • AFS
 • AFC
 • MF
Newly-added to menu (controlled by external button on GF1)
Quick AF  • Off
 • On
Quick AF will try to achieve focus when it detects the camera is being held steadily
Metering Mode  • Multiple
 • Center weighted
 • Spot
Flash  • Auto
 • Auto + Red-eye correction
 • On
 • On + Red-eye correction
 • Slow sync
 • Slow sync + Red-eye correction
Red-eye removal  • Off
 • On
Only functions when flash is set to a 'Red-eye correction' mode
I.Resolution *  • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
 • Extended
I.Dynamic *  • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
Exposure and contrast are adjusted to compensate for scenes requiring a wide dynamic range. Replaces I. Exposure.
ISO Limit Set  • Off
 • 200
 • 400
 • 800
 • 1600
Sets the maximum limit to which Auto or i.ISO settings will set the sensitivity.

'Off' sets Auto ISO limit to 400, and i.ISO limit to 800.
ISO Increments
 • 1/3 EV
 • 1 EV
Long Shtr NR
 • Off
 • On
Takes a second, dark-frame to allow subtraction of long exposure noise
Ex. Tele Conv.  • On
 • Off
Only uses part of the sensor, to simulate additional zoom. Was 'Ex Opt Zoom'
Digital Zoom  • Off
 • 2X
 • 4X
Digital Zoom - crops the image to simulate additional zoom
Burst Rate  • H
 • M *
 • L
Selects 3.2, 2.6 or 2 fps shooting. Live View is maintained in M and L modes.
Auto Bracket  • Steps
3, 5 or 7 frames
1/3 or 2/3 EV steps
 • Sequence:
Self-Timer  • 10 sec
 • 10 sec (3 images)
 • 2 sec
Adjust *
• Color or B/W
• Contrast (-2 to +2)
• Sharpness (-2 to +2)
• Saturation (-2 to +2)
• Noise Reduction (-2 to +2)
Simplified version of 'Film Mode', with only 'color' or 'B/W' available (i.e. no other variations)
Color Space  • sRGB
 • AdobeRGB
Stabilizer • Off
• Mode 1
• Mode 2
• Mode 3
Mode 1 is always active. Mode 2 only when the shutter is pressed. Mode 3 is used when horizontally panning. Off is for lenses without OIS switch (14-42mm)

Motion picture menu

The movie menu shows several additions over the GF1's, reflecting the GF2's enhanced capabilities. Aside from the 1080i recording option, there's additional options for sound level control and flicker reduction when filming under fluorescent lights. 'Extra Tele Converter' (as seen on the GH2) also makes an appearance, but can only be activated when the camera is set to record JPEG stills (not RAW).

Option Values / Actions Notes
Rec Mode  • AVCHD (1080i) *
 • AVCHD (720p)
 • Motion JPEG
Rec Quality  • Rec Mode: AVCHD (1080i) *
 • Rec Mode: AVCHD (720p)
 • Rec Mode: Motion JPEG
Available menu options depend on the 'Rec Mode' setting
Focus Mode  • AF-C
 • AF-S
 • MF
Newly-added to menu (controlled by external button on GF1)
Continuous AF  • On
 • Off
Metering Mode  • Multiple
 • Center weighted
 • Spot
I.Dynamic  • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
Exposure and contrast are adjusted to compensate for scenes requiring a wide dynamic range. Replaces i. Exposure.
Ex. Tele * Conv.  • On
 • Off
"Extra Tele Converter" - only uses part of the sensor, to simulate additional zoom
Digital Zoom  • Off
 • 2X
 • 4X
Digital Zoom - crops the image to simulate additional zoom
Wind Cut  • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
Reduces wind noise in motion picture recording
Mic Level Disp  • On
 • Off
Live display of sound level being detected by microphones
Mic Level Adj Level 1 - 4 Adjusts microphone recording level
Flicker Red  • Off
 • 1/50
 • 1/60
 • 1/100
 • 1/120
Reduces flicker effect from fluorescent lighting

Custom menu

The main differences here reflect the changes to the camera's control layout. Options have been added to define the behaviour of the Q. Menu/Fn button, and turn on or off some of the touchscreen controls.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Cust. Set Mem.  • C1: Set 1
 • C2: Set 2
 • C3: Set 3
Assigns current settings to one of three custom memories
Q. Menu/Fn *  • Q. Menu
 • Fn
Defines operation of Q. Menu / Fn button
Fn Button Set *  • AF / AE Lock
 • Preview
 • Aspect Ratio
 • Quality
 • Focus Mode
 • Metering Mode
 • I. Resolution
 • I. Dynamic
 • Ex Tele Conv
 • Picture Adjust
 • Guide Line
 • Movie/stills Rec Area
Histogram  • Off
 • On
Provides a histogram on the shooting screen
Guide lines  • Off
 • Thirds
 • Center
 • Movable
Highlight  • Off
 • On
Expo Meter  • Off
 • On
AF/AE Lock  • AE
 • AF
 • AF/AE
Which parameters are locked by the AL/AE lock button
Direct Focus Area  • Off
 • On
Allows AF point to be moved using the 4-way controller in single-point AF mode
Focus Priority  • Off
 • On
Does the camera wait for focus before allowing shutter release
AF Assist Lamp  • Off
 • On
AF + MF  • Off
 • On
Allows manual fine-tuning of focus once AF lock has been achieved
MF Assist  • Off
 • On
Zooms in the view to allow high-precision manual focus
MF Guide *  • Off
 • On
Displays a rough focus scale when focusing manually
iA Button Switch *  • Single Press
 • Press and Hold
Defines behaviour for switching to iAuto mode
Movie button  • Off
 • On
Enables/disables the movie button
Rec Area
 • Stills
 • Movies
Changes the previewed aspect ratio between motion picture and still picture recording
Remaining Disp  • Stills (frames)
 • Movies (time)
Switches between number of recordable pictures and available recording time
Play on LCD *
 • Off
 • On
Defines playback behaviour when using optional LVF-1
Touch Q.Menu *  • Off
 • On
Hides or shows the on-screen
'Q. Menu' button
Defocus Ctrl *  • Off
 • On
Disables / enables iAuto mode Defocus Control touch button
Shutter *
 • Off
 • On
Hides or shows the on-screen 'Touch Shutter' button
Touch Guide *  • Off
 • On
Hides / shows explanations about how to use touch controls
Touch Scroll *  • H
 • L
Dial Guide  • Off
 • On
Gives cues to the dial's function in the viewfinder after a change
Menu Resume  • Off
 • On
Menus return to last-used position
Pixel Refresh Start processing
Checks the sensor for malfunctioning pixels
Sensor cleaning Start processing
Shoot W/O Lens  • Off
 • On
Set this to 'on' to allow the use of adapted lenses