Playback Displays

The GF2 also gets a brand-new set of playback display screens, with the interface re-drawn to take advantage of the touch screen. The same approach is used as when taking pictures, with large translucent blue 'buttons' on the screen for each touch control. To be honest it's not much quicker or more intuitive than the standard button-driven play mode of the G-series cameras, but it does work pretty well.

You can use the touch screen to browse through images in playback mode, by dragging left or right in much the same way as using an iPhone or iPad. You can also zoom into an area of interest by simply tapping it on the screen, and scroll around the magnified view as well. Almost all operations can still be driven by buttons and the rear dial as before; the crucial exception being that there's no 'DISP' button to change display mode.

Display modes

The GF2 has much the same set of playback modes as previous G-series cameras, but because there's no external 'DISP' button you now have to cycle through them using a touch control. You can opt to turn on 'blinkies' to help identify overexposed highlights in the Custom menu (screen 3).

This is the most basic display mode - just the image only, with a 'DISP' button to change display mode. This button is always visible - there's no way to get it to disappear - which can be distracting during playback. A tap on 'DISP' brings up more controls - from left to right 'Favorite', 'Delete' and 'Thumbnails' ('Favorite' can be enabled or disabled via the Playback menu). These buttons disappear again after 2 seconds.
A second tap brings up this more detailed window with comprehensive exposure information. Pressing the 'Favorite' button tags your image accordingly, and it gets marked with a star.
Another tap on 'DISP' brings up this even-more-detailed view... ...and finally there's an RGBY histogram to check your image's tonal distribution.

Play magnification

In play mode, you can zoom in to an area of interest simply by tapping the screen. There are four steps up to 16x magnification, which is really a step too far; 8x is normally best for judging focus. You can scroll around the image simply by dragging it with your finger, and there are touch buttons for zooming out and to full-screen view (1.0x). As on previous G series cameras, the command dial can also be used to change the magnification, and the arrow keys to scroll around the magnified image.

Playback magnification is available in 4 steps up to 16x. There are touch buttons to zoom out and to full screen (1.0x).

A tap on the DISP button removes all of the other on-screen graphics and buttons for a less-cluttered view.

Play thumbnail index

Tap on the Thumbnail button (or turn the command dial counter-clockwise) to switch to thumbnail index views. There are three different options: 12 images (3x4), 30 images (6x5) and a useful calendar view which allows you to browse your images by the date they were taken.