Video capture

The LX100 offers 1080 video at up to 60p at a relatively modest 28Mbps, but the specification that most catches the eye is the option to shoot 4K (UHD) footage at 30 or 24p (25 and 24p on PAL models).

Unsurprisingly, the LX100 isn't about to challenge the GH4 as the videographer's choice, since it doesn't include features such as a microphone input, video-focused picture modes, variable frame rate or HDMI output to an external recorder. It does still offer a good degree of control and supporting tools, such as peaking and zebra stripes to help you get good quality results, though.

The camera doesn't have a separate movie recording mode, instead it starts shooting video whenever you press the [REC] button and offers full exposure control. The only real restrictions is that, while Auto ISO still works, exposure compensation becomes unavailable if you've manually specified both the shutter speed and aperture. Beyond that you can adjust exposure (and shooting mode) as you record, but the downside is that the click dials (particularly the shutter speed and exposure comp dials) risk shaking the camera if you try to operate them while filming.

The 1080 video uses the same region of the sensor that the camera creates its 16:9 images from (4480 x 2520 pixels). The still frame grab above features prominent aliasing, which suggests the camera isn't using all these pixels to generate the 1080 output. In 4K mode the camera uses a smaller crop (roughly 4125 x 2320 pixels). It's interesting to note how much more sharpening the camera applies, compared to the company's own GH4, in a comparable mode.

Sample 1

This 4K sample was shot at ISO 200, 1/60th shutter speed and F16 to prevent over-exposure in the bright lighting conditions. iDynamic on. Although the YouTube version has added significant compression artefacts, the original is smooth and detailed.

3840x2160 (24p), 100Mbps, MP4, 10 sec, 102.5 MB Click here to download original file

Sample 2

This second sample was shot at ISO 1600 and F2.8, at the long end of the LX100's lens. The noise is quite visible (as it changes, frame-to-frame), but it demonstrates that the footage from the camera is still usable, if not exactly professional quality, at higher sensitivities.

3840x2160 (24p), 100Mbps, MP4, 8 sec, 79.8 MB Click here to download original file

Sample 3

This Full HD sample was shot hand-held at ISO 100 and 1/60th of a second.

1920x1080 (60p), 28Mbps, MP4, 9 sec, 26.2 MB Click here to download original file

Sample 4

This sample was shot at ISO 6400 to show what the video looks like in extreme conditions. Shot wide-open (F1.7) at 4K in aperture priority mode, the camera was using very low shutter speeds. We've included this to show that the camera can still shoot in this extremely low light. The quality clearly suffers a great deal but there are few cameras you can so readily carry with you that will continue to get usable 4K footage in such low light.

3840x2160 (24p), 100Mbps, MP4, 16 sec, 177.7 MB Click here to download original file