Panasonic has also introduced a couple new accessories to provide additional functionality to the GH5 as needed.

DMW-XLR1 Accessory Mic Unit

The DMW-XLR1 adapter brings direct controls for microphones with XLR connectors, without the bulk of the GH4's YAGH interface add-on. That said, you lose the YAGH's SDI connectors.

Though not technically part of the camera body, a significant optional component is the new DMW-XLR1 accessory mic unit ($399), which fits in the camera's hotshot mount. Panasonic has decided to do away with the large DMW-YAGH interface unit, since connecting an HDMI lead is now much more secure thanks to an included cable lock holder.

The adapter provides two XLR mic inputs, supports phantom power and can output 96kHz/24-bit audio. There's also a full array of physical switches and dials, similar to what you would find on a pro camcorder. It should provide a better set of tools for managing audio on the fly, and will provide a familiar interface to experienced video users.

Optional Battery Grip

The new battery grip holds a second battery for extended power, and facilitates shooting in the vertical.

With the decision not to make a YAGH interface unit, Panasonic has instead created a more conventional battery grip for photographers and video makers who need extra battery life, as well as more comfortable portrait-orientation shooting. The DMW-BGGH5 grip ($349) houses one battery (in addition to the one in the camera itself), and Panasonic claims it has a splash, dust, and freezeproof design.