Initial Impressions

We really liked the balance of size, price and features that the G85 offered for both stills and video shooting. We were disappointed by the significant crop in video mode, but overall we felt it offered wide-reaching capability at a sensible price in a camera we all liked shooting with.

So why do we feel a little less excited about the G95? Mainly because its competition has got better in immediately identifiable ways (the a6400's much smarter, easier-to-use autofocus and the X-T30's class-leading video, for instance), while the G95 just seems to have got a bit bigger and more expensive.

Having seen, on the G9, that Panasonic can pull oversampled, full-width video from this sensor just draws attention to the G95's unexpected shortcomings on the video side of things.

We may feel differently, once we've spent more time shooting with it: its well-placed twin-dial setup, good number of direct control points and well-judged degree of customization have left a positive impression so far. And, it's noticeably the only one of these three cameras to offer in-body stabilization (which is objectively better for video than in-lens correction) or a fully-articulated rear screen or even make claims of weather sealing.

Panasonic Lumix DC-G95 Sample Gallery

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