Art Filters

The two new art filters come in addition to the six that appeared in the E-P1 (Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale Light and Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film and Pin Hole). The E-P2 gains 'diorama' mode that imitates the effect of (mis)using a tilt-shift lens.

Diorama Art Filter

There's also a 'cross process' option that attempts to simulate the color and contrast muddling effect of processing a film using the wrong chemicals.

Cross Process Art Filter


The other addition to the E-P2 is the i-Enhance picture mode. According to Olympus US, this mode 'analyses the colors and brightness [and] mimics what the naked eye sees.' Rather more prosaically, what it does is selectively enhance the saturation of colors to give a more punchy image. It quite sensibly doesn't attempt to change the saturation of skin tones but, in our experience, can be a little over-enthusiastic with blue skies.

In itself, we have no problem with i-Enhance mode - we think the results are more likely to appeal to compact camera users than to the enthusiast photographers we think the E-P2 is aimed at (the existing 'Natural' picture mode already strikes a good balance between punch and realism), but we're sure some people will enjoy it. However, we're not impressed that it's the only picture mode available in the point-and-shoot iAuto exposure mode. If you're feeling lazy or need to grab a quick shot, you risk getting rather lurid results unless you remember to shoot RAW and re-process using 'Natural.'

i-Enhance Natural
i-Enhance Natural