Record review & Play

If enabled the E-P1 will provide a review of the image shot immediately after the shutter release (the length of time this is displayed can be set from 1 to 20 seconds). By default the record review display mode will be a single image with no information overlaid. In Play mode you can choose between the display modes by pressing the INFO button, this is then memorized and also used for record review. Unfortunately just like previous E series digital SLRs you still can't erase an image in record review mode (you have to switch to play mode first).

Recent Videos

It is possible to set the camera to go directly to play mode (using the Record View option in the setup menu), which allows you to delete images. Unfortunately, this isn't just a temporary display, so you then have to turn the display off. It's certainly an improvement, but still unusual when compared to most other cameras.

Display modes

The E-P1 provides a wide range of display modes including a combined mode for blinking highlights and shadows.

No overlaid information Overlay (quality & size, date & time, file number)
Large overlaid histogram with semi-transparent background. Thumbnail with AF point, quality, four-way histogram and detailed exposure info.

Image magnify

Turn the main dial counter-clockwise to enter magnify mode, keep turning to magnify up to 14x. Use the four way controller to pan around the magnified image.

Press the INFO button in magnify mode to show the 'region of interest' box which can be moved around the image and resized (using the main dial), press INFO again to return to the magnified view.

Thumbnail index

Turn the top (vertical) dial to the left to switch to thumbnail index views, there are a total of seven different index views; 4 images (2x2), 9 images (3x3), 16 images (4x4), 25 images (5x5), 49 images (7x7) and 100 images (10x10) as well as the very useful calendar view which allows you to browse your images by the date they were taken.

Other play functions

Image editing options include 'Image Overlay' - for creating multiple exposures using saved raw files. You can - as with all recent E-system SLRs - convert raw files to JPEGs in-camera (using the current camera settings). New for the E-P1 is the ability to apply Art Filters to raw files.
The JPEG EDIT option allows you to apply after-effects to images.