Storage Compartment

The storage compartment is located on the right side of the camera (from the back) and makes up part of the hand grip. The door hinge is fully spring loaded so you just have to unclip it for it to open fully. Inside you will find an xD-Picture card slot and a Compact Flash Type II card slot.


The E-420 has just one multi-function connector which is on the right rear of the body below the multi-direction controller, this serves to provide both USB and Video Out capability depending on which of the supplied cables is connected. The E-420 supports USB 2.0 Hi Speed.

Base / Tripod Mount

On the bottom of the camera you'll find the metal tripod socket which is aligned exactly with the center line of the lens. The mount also appears to be in line with the focal plane (position of the imager).

Pop-up Flash

The E-420's pop-up flash has an electronic release mechanism meaning that it can be automatically raised in the Auto or Scene modes. Once up the flash sits approximately 42 mm (1.7 in) above the top of the lens, this is noticeably less than some of the competitors (the Canon EOS 450D for example has a clearance of around 56 mm). The E-420 doesn't have a dedicated AF assist lamp and instead strobes the flash unit to illuminate the subject, obviously this requires you to have the flash raised in the first place. The flash has a guide number of 12 and an X-sync speed of 1/180 sec.

Flash Hot-shoe

The E-420 has an 'E System' flash hot-shoe designed specifically for Olympus dedicated flash units, however it can also accept third party units (but sync contact only). Olympus 'E System' flash units communicate directly with the camera and support various features including zoom control, red-eye reduction and slow sync flash.

One of the E-420's new features is wireless flash shooting. It allows you to shoot using multiple wireless flashes and control them in three groups. The built-in flash is used to communicate between the camera and the external flashes. This works with the E-system flashes FL-50R and FL-36R.

Lens Mount

The E-420 is a Four Thirds digital SLR which means that its lens mount / communication system complies to the Four Thirds System standard. This means that as well as accepting Olympus 4/3 lenses it can also accept third party 4/3 lenses.

"Supersonic Wave Filter"

Olympus pioneered the "Supersonic Wave Filter" on the E-1 and the same system is implemented on the E-420. The image sensor is kept clean by making a very thin filter glass in front of the sensor vibrate at very high frequency. This causes dust or dirt to drop off and be trapped on a sticky tape material. The SSWF is triggered each time you power up the camera (it's a pity you can't disable or modify when it occurs as it does introduce a slight delay).

SSWF filter is mounted in front of the sensor Click for a video explanation (15 MB)

Box Contents (kit)

  • E-420 body
  • 14-42mm lens or 25mm f2.8 (kit contents)
  • Li-ion battery BLS-1
  • Li-ion battery charger BCS-1
  • USB cable
  • Video cable
  • Shoulder strap
  • OLYMPUS Master 2 CD-ROM
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card
  • Eye-piece cap EP-4.