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Studio scene comparison (RAW)

See previous page for RAW workflow.

This is our standard studio scene comparison shot. Lighting: daylight simulation, >98% CRI. Crops are 100%. Ambient temperature was approximately 22°C (~72°F). Camera settings as per previous pages.

Olympus E-420 (RAW) vs. Nikon D60 (RAW)

Olympus E-420 (RAW)
Nikon D60 (RAW)
2,615 KB JPEG (3648 x 2736)
3,354 KB JPEG (3872 x 2592)

While on the Olympus shooting in RAW doesn't give you any significant image quality advantage over out-of-cam JPEGs the Nikon RAW image offers clearer detail and edge definition than its out-of-camera JPEG counterpart. After eliminating all in-camera processing influences it becomes obvious that the Nikon captures a greater amount of detail at the sensor level.