Record review & Play

If enabled the E-330 will provide a review of the image shot immediately after the shutter release (the length of time this is displayed can be set from 1 to 20 seconds). By default the record review display mode will be a single image with no information overlaid. In Play mode you can choose between the seven display modes by pressing the INFO button, the display mode is then memorized and also used for record review. Unfortunately just like the E-500 you still can't erase an image in record review mode (you have to switch to play mode first).

Display modes

The E-330 provides a wide range of display modes including both blinking highlights or shadows.

No overlaid information Basic overlay (quality, filename, file number)
More overlay (quality & size, date & time, filename, file number) Thumbnail with AF point, quality, four-way histogram and detailed exposure info.
Large overlaid histogram with semi-transparent background. Blinking highlights (either over-exposed or almost)
Blinking shadows (either under-exposed or almost)  

Image magnify

Turn the main dial counter-clockwise to enter magnify mode, keep turning to magnify up to 14x. Use the four way controller to pan around the magnified image. Disappointingly beyond 8.0x you don't actually see any more detail, magnify appears to use a low resolution embedded JPEG. UPDATE: We have confirmed that in magnify mode you are only looking at a 1600x1200 embedded JPEG image, hence any magnification 8.0x won't deliver any more detail.

Press the INFO button in magnify mode to show the 'region of interest' box which can be moved around the image, press INFO again to return to the magnified view.

Side-by-side compare

The E-330 has the same side-by-side comparison feature we first saw in the E-500. In magnify mode simply press the exposure compensation (+/-) button to show the same area of the next image at the same magnification, you can use the four-way controller to select a different image to compare.

Thumbnail index

Turn the main dial clockwise to switch to thumbnail index views, there are a total of five different index views; 4 images (2x2), 9 images (3x3), 16 images (4x4) and 25 images (5x5) as well as the very useful calendar view which allows you to browse your images by the date they were taken.

Other play functions

Press the Erase button to erase the current image. Note that this function can be used with multiple items selected. Press the Copy button to copy this image from one card to another. Note that this function can be used with multiple items selected.
An example of using the OK button to select multiple images and then pressing the Erase button.