Record information display

An example of the default information display which provides a summary of current camera settings and exposure (here before half-press of the shutter release) An example of what happens when you change a camera setting, in this case white balance.

Record review

If enabled the E-300 will provide an instant review of the image taken immediately after shutter release.

Just like the E-1 the E-300 does not have a histogram display option for record review nor does it give you the option to cancel the image before it is written (by tapping the erase button).

Play display

Information display levels

By pressing the INFO button in play mode you can scroll through the six different information display levels available:

No overlaid information Basic overlay (quality, filename, file number)
More overlay (quality & size, date & time, filename, file number) Histogram (and quality)
Blinking highlights (and quality) Exposure detail (image thumbnail, AF area, camera settings and exposure information)

Other Play mode functions

Turn the main dial counter-clockwise to enter magnify mode, keep turning to magnify up to 10x. Use the four way controller to pan around the magnified image.
Turn the main dial clockwise to switch to thumbnail index views, there are three available; 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4.
An example of 'EDIT' mode which allows you to carry out various post-processing functions on JPEG/TIFF and RAW images. An example of DPOF print selection, here we have marked this image for two prints.