Software (contd.)

Raw Edit

Select a RAW image and select the 'Raw' toolbar option to display the RAW Development window which allows you to apply various adjustments including:

  • Digital Exposure Compensation (+/-2.0 EV in 0.1 EV steps)
  • White Balance (shooting, Kelvin 2000 - 10000 K, Gray Point and Fine Tune)
  • Contrast (-5 to +5)
  • Sharpness (-5 to +5)
  • Saturation (-5 to +5)

The biggest disappointment must be that Olympus Master does not memorize RAW adjustments, return to browse mode and your adjustments will be lost. You also can only output in the original shot colorspace. Images can be saved as JPEG (three levels), TIFF (8-bit per channel) or BMP.


One nice feature is Backup, it allows you to make a backup of images in your 'Calendar' (those registered to Master) you can select all images, a particular date range (for instance a year) or those with certain keywords. The images can then be stored on media (local hard disk, network drive, external storage) or CD/DVD (Plus version only). They are output in the DCF standard folder structure (DCIM / 100OLYMP etc.).


Olympus Master's printing options are fairly wide ranging, you can print single images (either full size or tiled on a single page), index (contact sheet), postcard or calendar. Each option provides a variety of templates and settings. These printing options should work with any attached printer.


The last option available for sharing your images is E-mail, this allows you to select one or more images and have them automatically resized and attached to a blank e-mail message ready for sending.