Other record features

The E-30 has an unusual array of in-camera effects and creative features, many of which we've covered elsewhere.

The E-30 has perhaps the most comprehensive set of aspect ratio controls on any digital SLR. You don't need to use Live View to access them, but doing so makes framing a lot easier. The frame is saved as an (optional) crop for use with raw files too.
We've covered the Art Filters in a little more depth elsewhere. Turning the mode dial to the ART/SCN brings up this menu of six options (you can also access the more conventional Scene modes from here). Although you do get a preview of the effect on the live view screen you can't flip between the options without going back to this menu, which is a pity.
A bit of a novelty, but one that can be a life saver in some situations, is the digital level gauge, which shows the amount of tilt in two axis on the live view screen when activated. You also get an indication in the viewfinder (when not using live view) of the left/right tilt.
The last novelty is a fairly sophisticated multiple exposure features, which allow you to combine up to four exposures into a single frame, with options for automatic gain control (to stop the final result ending up overexposed) and overlays (to combine an exposure with a previously saved image). It's clever, but, honestly, why would you do this in-camera when it takes seconds to get the same result - with infinitely more control - using even the simplest image editing application?