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Custom Menu 2

Custom menu 2 is what we'd normally see referred to as the 'setup' menu; here you'll find menus for a range of camera (rather than shooting) options, including basics such as date/time and video output format. Why Olympus chose to lump so many options into menu 1 that could be here is inexplicable (how often do you change the print dpi, USB mode or back light timer, for example?).

Option Values / Actions Notes
Date / Time  • Date
 • Time
 • Date Format
CF / xD  • CF
 • xD
Select which media to store images (if two cards inserted)
Edit File Name   Add up to a 2-digit prefix to image names. One preset per color space.
LCD Adjust  • Brightness -7 to +7
 • Color temp -7 to +7
Adjust brightness and color balance of the LCD
Language   Selects menu language. Varies depending on market. Additional languages can be added with Olympus Master software.
Video Out  • NTSC
 • PAL
Record View  • Off
 • Auto playback
 • 1 - 20 sec
Amount of time record review is displayed. Auto playback then moves to playback mode - allowing deletion.
Pixel Mapping  • Start Automatically senses 'dead pixels' and maps them out by averaging colour values from surrounding pixels (another fairly unique feature).
Firmware  • Show Displays lens and body firmware