Record review & Play

If enabled the E-30 will provide a review of the image shot immediately after the shutter release (the length of time this is displayed can be set from 1 to 20 seconds). The type of view you get depends on the playback mode you last used, rather than being independently selected. Finally, it's also possible to select 'Auto Playback' as the record view option (Custom menu 2, option 7), which jumps the camera into the full playback mode after each shot, allowing you to delete and compare images - a feature we find really useful.

Display modes

The E-30 provides a wide range of display modes including both blinking highlights and shadows. The INFO button in playback mode cycles through whichever of these options has been enabled in the setup menu (Custom menu 1, section D, option 9).

Info overlay (quality & size, date & time, filename, file number) No overlaid information
Thumbnail with AF point, quality, four-way histogram and detailed exposure info. Large overlaid histogram with semi-transparent background.
Blinking shadows/highlights
(Clipped or near to clipping regions)

Image magnify

Turn the main dial counter-clockwise to enter magnify mode, keep turning to magnify up to 14x (in six steps). Use the four way controller to pan around the magnified image.

Press the INFO button in magnify mode to show the 'region of interest' box which can be moved around the image (and resized with the dial). Pressing INFO again zooms in and the arrow keys move between the current image and the next/previous shot (retaining the position and zoom), allowing for focus confirmation. Pressing INFO again allows the selection to be moved around.

Thumbnail index

Turn the main dial clockwise to switch to thumbnail index views, there are a total of seven different index views; 4 images (2x2), 9 images (3x3), 16 images (4x4), 25 images (5x5), 49 images (7x7) and 100 images (10x10), as well as the very useful calendar view which allows you to browse your images by the date they were taken.

Other play functions

In any of the playback screens, including the multi-view pages, pressing the OK button selects an image. Pressing the Protect (AEL/AFL) button protects the selected image or images from deletion.
Selected images can also be erased using the delete button... ...or, if both memory slots are occupied, copied from one card to another.
The E-30 can apply the current camera settings to RAW files or make a series of changes to jpegs. The five jpeg edit tools are fairly self-explanatory.

Image overlay

New to the E-30 is an image overlay function. Between 2 and 4 images can be combined.
The camera allows you to choose from any RAW files on the memory card. The relative intensity of each image can be adjusted, with each ranging from 0.1 to 2.0 in 0.1 steps.
There is a last-minute opportunity to change your mind. Producing useful results becomes increasingly complex as you add images.