Tripod Mount / Camera Base

On the bottom of the E-20 is a well positioned and well designed tripod mount it's metal which means no shredding of threads and it's surrounded by a nice rubber foot to ensure that final level of stability. Because it's located precisely in the center of the lens and it would appear along the sensor plane it's perfect for panoramas. Kudos.

In this image you've also got a clearer view of the hand grip, battery compartment and speaker.


The E-20's pop-up flash unit is identical the E-10, it is opened manually by pressing the small button on the left of the viewfinder case. It has a rated range of 0.6 - 6.3 m at wide angle and 0.5 - 5.2 m at telephoto, this makes it one of the more powerful flash units fitted to a digital camera. It's distance from the lens should ensure few redeye problems.

Hot-shoe / External Flash

The E-20's hot-shoe is protected by a small plastic cover which helps to make the top of the camera look a little neater and protects the connections from accidental damage. The hot-shoe itself is designed to support the optional Olympus FL-40 flash unit which will work in a full TTL measured manner. Using other flash units is possible but the camera will not control their output (thus a little experimentation may be required).

Supplied In the Box

The contents of the retail box are: (may vary by region)

  • Olympus E-20 Digital Camera
  • 2 x CR-3V Lithium batteries
  • ?? MB SmartMedia card
  • IR Remote Control RM-1
  • Lens cap
  • Lens hood LH-1
  • Shoulder strap
  • USB cable
  • Video out cable
  • CD-ROM's
    • USB driver
    • CAMEDIA suite
    • Reference Manuals (PDF)
  • Basic Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

Olympus Accessories

MCON-35 Macro Converter Lens
Improves macro ability of E-10 lens, improves macro focus distance to minimum 12 cm.
WCON-80B Wide Angle Converter Lens, allows for wider angles, x0.8 converter producing widest angle of 28 mm equiv. TCON-14B Telephoto Converter Lens, x1.4 converter producing longest telephoto of 196 mm equiv.
TCON-300S Kit Kit includes lens (TCON-300), hood and support arm, it provides a x3.0 conversion of focal lengths giving a longest telephoto equiv. of 420 mm at just F2.8. TCON-SA2 Alternative support arm for supporting the TCON-300 lens when used with B-HLD10 battery pack.
B-HLD10 Battery pack kit includes portrait grip, wrist strap, extended life battery (4200mAh) and charger. CS-1SH Semi-hard case FL-40 External Flash.
Comes supplied with hand-grip bracket.
RM-1 InfraRed remote control provides control over camera zoom and shutter release during record and image selection during playback. RM-CB1 Remote Cable release MA-USB2 USB SmartMedia Card Reader