Record instant review

If enabled the E-1 will provide an instant review of the image taken immediately after shutter release. There appear to be two major omissions during instant review. Firstly there is no option to enable histogram or indicated overexposure, secondly there is no way to cancel the image before it is written. These (in my opinion) are serious omissions from a digital SLR aimed at professional use.

Shooting display

When changing certain settings via external buttons the LCD monitor displays the current setting and any additional information.

Selecting white balance Setting custom white balance

Play mode

Press the Play button to enter the E-1's play mode, it will display the image using the 'level one' information display, detail depends on last selected type. Press the INFO button to switch between level one and level two, hold INFO button and roll either dial to change information type.

Initial display (choice of one of the three below)

Image review (no overlaid information) Image review with frame number
Image review with image size/quality, date & time and filename  

After pressing INFO (choice of one of the three below)

Thumbnail review with detailed exposure information and highlighted AF point Image review with blinking highlights (areas of overexposure)
Image review with overlaid histogram  

Image magnification / thumbnail index

2.0x magnification 4.0x magnification
2 x 2 thumbnail index 3 x 3 thumbnail index
4 x 4 thumbnail index  

Image protect / erase

After pressing the protect button After pressing the erase button