Rear of camera controls

The rear of the E-1 looks remarkably similar to the E-10 / E-20, there are only a few subtle differences and overall it should be a comfortable transition for E-10 / E-20 owners. One important difference of course is that the E-1 does not have the E-10 / E-20 flip-up LCD monitor.

Button Controls

Play mode: Thumbnail index / Jump out of magnification

 • 2 x 2 index
 • 3 x 3 index
 • 4 x 4 index
Play: Image magnify

 • 2.0x
 • 3.0x
 • 4.0x
Play mode

Pressing the play button displays the last image taken (or the last image on the CF card). Use the 4-way controller to browse through images. The E-1 is a 'shooting priority' camera, this means that all you have to do to return to shooting mode is half-press the shutter release button.

Enters the camera menu (described later in this preview).
Compact Flash compartment open

Lift the lever and twist counterclockwise to open the Compact Flash compartment. Note that doing this with images buffered (and still being written) will lead to those images being lost.
OK OK / Confirm

Used to select menu options / change settings / confirm actions.
INFO Play mode: Change display mode

Press to switch between two levels of overlaid information, the first being the standard shown when you switch to play mode. Hold and roll the main or sub dial to change the type of information shown:

Initial display choice:
 • Review (no overlaid information)
 • Review with frame number
 • Review with image size/quality, date & time and filename

After pressing INFO choice:
 • Thumbnail with detailed exposure info and overlaid AF point
 • Review with blinking highlights
 • Review with overlaid histogram
Play mode: Protect / Un-protect

Press to protect the current image (set filesystem flag 'read only'), press again to remove protection.

Record mode: Rec Cancel

In continuous shooting mode you can press this button after a burst of shots to display the 'Rec Cancel' dialog. From here you can cancel the currently displayed image or the entire burst of shots before they are written to the CF. Note that this is not available in single image shooting mode.

Play mode: Erase

Displays a 'Yes / No' confirmation dialog to delete the current image.

Front of camera controls

On the front left of the camera in reach of your fingers are the manual white balance preset button and DOF preview button. Press the manual white balance preset button in shooting mode to take a shot and reading, press it in play mode to take a reading from the current image. On the right side of the camera is the focus mode lever; C(ontinuous AF), S(ingle AF), M(anual) F(ocus).