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Camedia Master 4.2

Browse Images: Properties

Click on the Properties menu option with an image selected displays a properties pop-up window with two tabs of information. On the first tab is general information including the shooting date (which can be changed), attached comments and audio annotations. On the second page is detailed exposure information including a full dump of EXIF information, especially useful as it contains certain 'manufacturers fields' which are often difficult to decode (image parameter settings etc.)

Browse Images: Edit

Clicking on the Edit menu option with a single image selected will display the Edit window, this is split into two panes, the left shows a preview of the final image, the left the working image and adjustment controls. Various functions are available in two groups: Image and Filter. Image deals with the rotation, resizing, cropping and distortion of an image. Filter provides control over image balance, color, sharpness and also as a red-eye reduction option. Once you have finished editing you can choose to save over the original image or save a copy of the newly edited image (JPEG, TIFF or BMP). A composite of the Image / Filter menu options is shown below.

RAW Development

Select a RAW file and choose 'RAW Development' from the File menu and Camedia Master switches into its RAW Development mode. The screen is divided into three areas; a thumbnail column of images on the left, a view of the currently selected image and a column of development settings which can be adjusted. RAW adjustments are:

  • Setting (Shooting / Custom)
  • Exposure Compensation (-2.0 to +2.0 EV in 0.1 EV steps)
  • White balance
    • Color Temperature (Shooting, any camera setting)
    • Fine Adjustment (-7 to +7)
    • Gray Point Specification (dropper)
  • Contrast (-5 to +5)
  • Sharpness (-5 to +5)
  • Saturation (-5 to +5)
  • Hue (-5 to +5)
  • Noise Filter (Off / On)

Once the required adjustments have been made you can click on Save to output the image (or images) as JPEG (three quality levels), TIFF, Exif-TIFF or BMP (Bitmap). Saving performance was very fast.