The C-8080 Wide Zoom is supplied with CD-ROM containing Olympus Camedia Master 4.2, the C-8080 Wide Zoom reference manual in PDF format and USB drivers. Camedia Master is an application for the transfer, browsing, editing and printing of images. In addition there is also an upgrade to Camedia Master Pro ($19.95 for Olympus Camedia Master owners). Camedia Master Pro in addition allows you to create HTML albums, edit QuickTime movies, stitch images not shot in Panorama mode, print contact sheets, Email images and backup albums and images.

While Camedia Master provides some RAW processing functionality it's a pity Olympus didn't choose to include the excellent and more professional feeling Olympus Studio (read about it in our E-1 review) with the C-8080.

Camedia Master 4.2

Below you can see the Camedia Master Pro main menu, this is the default screen when entering the application although you can choose to skip this menu and go directly to the Browse Images tool. Application tools are split into four categories:

  • Transfer Images (From Camera, From Media)
  • Browse Images
  • Print Images (Photo, Index, Calendar, Postcard, Album)
  • Create and Share (Auto Panorama, Wallpaper)

Transfer Images

You can 'Transfer Images' from either an attached camera or from media (any drive or folder - a card reader for example). In the example below we're simulating a card reader. You can transfer all images or just selected images to either a local folder or an Album. There is no option to rename images as they are transferred.

Browse Images

The image browser is at the heart of Camedia Master, it provides a thumbnail or single image view of images, these can be simply in a folder on a local drive or in an 'Album'. There are five different thumbnail sizes available and you can choose to sort the index of images by either filename or date. Image formats supported are JPEG, TIFF, RAW (ORF) and Movie clips (QuickTime).

Double-click on an image (or select single image view by moving the slider at the top left of the window) to see that image in more detail. In this view mode you can magnify and pan around the image as well as using the previous / next arrows to browse through other images. Note that the thumbnail index moves to the left of the window and so can still be used to select an image. Move the view mode slider (top left of window) to the left to switch back to thumbnail index view. My gripe in this view mode is that there was no indication of current zoom level.

From browse mode you can access various tools as well as transferring the selected image / images to any of the Print or Create functions (as seen on the main menu). These options are available from drop down menus and are shown in the composite image below. A summary of the function of each option can be found below the image.

Menu option Function
Properties Display properties for current image (includes certain EXIF information). Allows you to add comments, modify shooting date and also play / record linked audio clip. (see below)
   Clockwise 90° Rotate current image through 90 degrees clockwise *
   Counterclockwise 90° Rotate current image through 90 degrees counterclockwise *
   180° Rotate current image through 180 degrees *
Edit Jump to the edit image tool (see below)
   Copy Copy image filename to clipboard, can then be pasted into another folder / album (same as Windows Explorer)
   Copy Image Copies the entire image to the clipboard
   Paste Only available with a filename in the clipboard
   Rename Rename the current image
   RAW Development Launches the RAW Development function within Camedia Master which allows you to re-save RAW images into other formats as well as apply settings such as exposure compensation, white balance and color adjustment.
   Find Provides the ability to search for images based on their filename, shooting date or comments
   Delete Deletes image based on your Windows Explorer settings (either to the Trashcan or permanently)
   Photo Print individual or multiple photos in various layouts with optional date / time label.
   Index Print an index of images up to 12 x 12 on a single page. Include optional header / footer and filename / date & time.
   Calendar Print a calendar with images in either one month, three months, six months or one year templates.
   Postcard Print a postcard with a single or multiple images in various layouts with text.
   Album Print multiple images in a photo album style, backgrounds, frames, text and stamps can be added to individual pages
   Auto Panorama Images shot with the camera set to Panorama mode are identified by this tool and correctly arranged.
   Wallpaper Creates a custom wallpaper for your computer with optional faded template, text and background.
   Index Enter the Help pages starting at the Index.
   Upgrade Jump to the Olympus web site to buy the upgrade to Camedia Master Pro.
   Olympus Web Site Jump to the Olympus web site.
   About Display about box and version number.

* Note that the data in the image file is not rotated but the orientation flag in the file header is modified. Olympus appear to have addressed an earlier gripe with Camedia Master as you can now rotate multiple images in one go.