Record mode menu contd.

Record mode menu: Card

Format card - Yes / No

Record mode menu: Set Up

Controls how settings are reset at power-up:

 • Off - settings are remembered and set as they were at power-down
 • On - settings are reset to factory defaults every time the camera is powered-up
 • Custom - Manually create a set of defaults which are applied (animation above)

Enable / Disable the display of exposure information in quick-review mode

Enable / Disable the use of beeps to confirm settings / exposure / focus etc.

Enable / Disable the display of a review image after the shot is taken.

Select the amount of idle time after which the camera is powered-down:

 • 30 sec
 • 1 min
 • 3 min
 • 5 min
 • 10 min

Controls the file name numbering scheme used:

 • Reset - File names a reset to 0 when a blank card is inserted
 • Auto - A continuous running number is used to name files

Set the brightness of the LCD by 7 levels +/-.
Sets the camera's internal clock and date display format. Set measurement units to m(etres) or f(eet).
When enabled the rear LCD does not provide a live view. Programme the three short cut buttons displayed when you press MENU:

ISO, A/S/M, Flash Compen, Slow Sync, Bracketing, Multi-Metering, Digital Zoom, Fulltime AF, Voice annotations, Panorama, Function, Image Size/Quality, White Balance, White Balance fine tune, Sharpness, Contrast

Programme the custom button on the rear of the camera to any of the following:

AE Lock, Info, ISO, A/S/M, Slow Sync, Digital Zoom, Fulltime AF, Voice annotation, Function, Image Size/Quality, White balance