Play display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the details of the last image taken (image quality, date / time and frame number), about a second later the image itself is displayed behind this information. This is an example of the additional information available if you press MENU then select the INFO option.
This is how the new menu system appears when you press the MENU button. Unlike record mode these options can not be reprogrammed.  

Pushing the zoom controller towards TELE magnifies the image in several steps up to 3.0x. Once magnified you can use the 4-way controller to move around the image.
Pushing the zoom controller towards WIDE switches to a thumbnail view. While in this mode you can mark images for printing or protection (as shown on the right) by simply highlighting the required image and pressing the appropriate button.
While 3x3 (9 images) is the standard view in thumbnail mode it can also be set (via a menu option) to 2x2 (4 images) or 4x4 (16 images).
The C-700UZ also has an image rotate option, just press the new custom button on the rear of the camera and the current image will be rotated by 90 degrees. This does not affect the final image, it simply 'tagged' in the EXIF header.