Record mode display

This is a typical record view, you can see settings information overlaid on a live preview image. Most of the information on the left and right sides disappear after a few seconds to leave a slightly tidier view (as below). Information shown:

Exposure mode (P), Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure compensation, Flash mode, Drive mode, Focus mode, White Balance setting, ISO, Image Quality setting, memory buffer status, remaining frames, Image size setting.

The C-700UZ maintains a live update of metered (or manually set) exposure values (Aperture / Shutter speed) at all times. The memory buffer status bar fills from the bottom with green blocks to indicate the amount of the internal buffer currently in use (very useful feature).

Half-pressing the shutter release causes the cameras autofocus and metering systems to lock, a steady green light beside the viewfinder indicates a good AF lock. After fully depressing the shutter release a brief review image is shown while the image is flushed to the SmartMedia card, note the single green bar in the buffer status block.
Tapping the display button twice in quick succession provides a review of the last image taken, here we can see image quality, date/time and frame number are displayed. An example of movie capture mode, here the time indicator shows that their is enough space on the card for a total of 90 seconds of video at the current compression settings.
Example of Aperture Priority mode, note that the aperture is highlighted in green with a grey background, this indicates it is now a user setting, if the calculated shutter speed is outside the cameras exposure range the nearest shutter speed will be shown in red. Example of Shutter Priority mode, in this case the shutter speed is too slow (will cause over exposure) even at the minimum aperture of F8.0, the camera indicates this by underlining the shutter speed and turning it red.
Example of full Auto mode, note there's very little information other than the current exposure, flash mode, frames available and selected image quality / size. White balance is auto. Example of an S-Prg mode, in this case 'Background' (landscape).
Pressing the MENU button displays this new style four option 'short cut' menu. The three options at 12, 9 and 6 o'clock can be reprogrammed (see next pages for menu details).  

Manual Focus

The manual focus on the C-700UZ is the same excellent implimentation we saw on the C-3040Z. There is completely smooth range from 10 cm (at full Wide) all the way to Infinity, as you change the focus distance the "live view" display is automatically magnified by 200% making it far easier to see exactly what you're focused on, a small ruler automatically scales itself to display the current focus distance. After about a second or so the view returns to normal size.