Play menu

All of the captures below were taken over a black image for clarity. Normally you would be able to see the currently selected image behind the menu.

As with the record menu the play menu first appears as three shortcut options (though these can not be reprogrammed).

Entering the MODE menu itself reveals the new menu design. Options are split over three separate pages which can be accessed by selecting the appropriate 'tab' on the left side.

Each of the three pages; Play, Card and Setup are described in more detail below.

Record mode menu: Play

Record a five second audio memo against the current image. File is saved as a WAV audio file. Note that although the C-700UZ has a microphone for recording memos it does not have a speaker for playback.

Allows you to either format the card (erases everything) or erase all images (excludes protected images).

Enables / disables the reset of play mode settings at power-up. Set to Off the camera remembers the last settings used / set at power-off.

Enables / disables the menu or operation beep sounds.

Adjust the LCD brightness by seven levels +/-, the currently selected images is shown in the window as you adjust the levels.

Sets the camera's internal clock and date display format.

Select the number of thumbnails displayed in thumbnail mode:

 • 4 (2 x 2)
 • 9 (3 x 3)
 • 16 (4 x 4)