Play mode display

Switching to play mode displays the last image taken. The filename, image quality, date / time and frame number are displayed briefly. After approximately two seconds the overlay is removed leaving a clean image display (the battery indicator is also removed automatically after a few seconds).
Select INFO from the play menu to increase the level of information overlaid, as you can see this now includes exposure detail. Select the Histogram option from the play menu to switch to this display which reduces the image to a thumbnail but introduces a histogram.
Turn the zoom lever towards telephoto to magnify the displayed image, the C-7000 supports magnification of up to 5x, you can pan around using the four way controller.
Turn the zoom lever towards wide angle to switch to a 3x3 thumbnail index. Turn the zoom lever towards wide angle once more to display a calendar index (just like a Casio). Unfortunately this is cropped in video out mode.
Example of the confirmation dialog shown when you press the erase button. This image has been protected (note the key icon).
Example of resizing, output sizes are designed for email or thumbnails. Example of cropping, you can resize the crop region and move it around the image.