Record mode display

Live view information

Normal view with basic information Normal view with histogram, the green histogram represents the spot area.
Here an animated example of the C-7000's 'direct histogram' which works in a slightly different way to the implementation on the C-8080. Areas of the image which may be overexposed are red, underexposed in blue. You can also enable 'frame assist' which overlays a Rule Of Thirds grid on the live view.

Exposure sequence & Preview

Typical live view before half-pressing the shutter release. Number of available frames in the bottom right corner along with buffer status. During a 'half-press' of the shutter release, the camera displays the green AF lock indicator and in this case a warning that the flash should be used to avoid camera shake.
After taking the shot a brief review is displayed. It is not possible to cancel saving at this point, you must switch to Quick View after the image has been written. Note the buffer indicator shows an image being written. Press the Quick View button to display the last image shot, this is essentially identical to play mode, you can delete, browse, magnify etc.

Other record display examples

Press the MENU button to display the four-way shortcut menu, two of the options here can be customized. The AE/AF menu which allows you to select metering and auto focus modes.
In manual focus mode the center portion of the frame is magnified during adjustment, after a second or so this reverts back to the normal full size view.