Under your thumb controls

On the top of the C-7000 is a push on/off power button, shutter release and zoom lever. The shutter release button is fine with a distinctive half-press position and fairly soft full-press. Like many digital cameras the power button instantly powers the camera off, I would have liked a requirement to hold the button for a second or so to avoid accidental power-offs by novice users. The zoom lever doubles up its function as thumbnail index / magnify in play mode. Mounted on a raked part of the camera top are three control buttons, perfectly placed for your thumb.

Buttons (Record mode)


Metering / Auto Focus mode

Pressing this button displays a menu which is split into two areas: AE (Metering) mode and AF (Auto Focus) mode. The options are as follows:

Metering mode:
 • ESP
 • Spot
 • Multi Metering

Auto focus mode:
 • iESP
 • Spot (center area)
 • Area (selectable area from 11)

Self-timer / Remote mode

 • Self-Timer Off
 • Self-Timer
 • Remote Control
Flash mode

 • Auto
 • Flash Off
 • Flash Off
 • Flash On + Red-eye reduction

Buttons (Play mode)


Pressing this button displays an Erase, Yes / No prompt for the currently displayed image. You can not browse in Erase mode.
Print Order

Displays a Printer Order prompt which allows you to select to mark individual images for printing or all images on the card.

Press to toggle the protection flag on or off for this image, in actual fact this sets the filesystem 'Read Only' flag which will protect the image from accidental deletion but not a card format.