The C-7000 Zoom (known as the C-70 Zoom in Europe / SE Asia) is a new design direction for Olympus, looking back through their previous range the only similar camera could perhaps be the C-60 Zoom, although that only had a 3x optical zoom lens and had a sliding lens cover / power switch. It's certainly a departure (as was the C-8080) from cameras like the C-5060 / C-5000.

This new camera was announced on 16th September 2004 in the weeks before the Photokina trade show. It has a compact and fairly narrow body with a soft rubber hand grip and five times optical zoom F2.8 - F4.8 lens. In the grand scheme of Olympus's current camera range the C-7000 fits somewhere between the four megapixel Ultra Zoom C-765 / C-770 and the excellent eight megapixel C-8080.

Five $700 seven megapixel digital cameras

This review was produced as part of a group test of five seven megapixel digital cameras, all of which offer similar features and all of which cost (at the time of posting these reviews; 2nd Dec 2004) around $700. The 'Compared to...' section of this review is shared with the other reviews. The five reviews (in alphabetical order):