Camedia Master Pro 4.03 (contd.)

Browse Images: Edit

Clicking on the Edit menu option with a single image selected will display the Edit window, this is split into two panes, the left shows a preview of the final image, the left the working image and adjustment controls. Various functions are available in two groups: Image and Filter. Image deals with the rotation, resizing, cropping and distortion of an image. Filter provides control over image balance, color, sharpness and also as a red-eye reduction option. Once you have finished editing you can choose to save over the original image or save a copy of the newly edited image (JPEG, TIFF or BMP). A composite of the Image / Filter menu options is shown below.

Backup Images [PRO]

Backup Images is a tool only available in the Pro version of Camedia Master. It allows you to backup folders or albums of images directly to removable media or to numbered folders of a certain size (useful for writing to multiple CD-R discs). In 'Create Folder' mode the software simply creates numbered directories which repeat the file system folder structure of the selected images.

Print Images

There are six different print options available in Camedia Master Pro which cover almost all of the potential printing requirements of the average user. Images are added to the print templates by either drag and drop, select and click Add or 'Add All' (not available in some options). Each option is shown and explained below.

Photo Print - print individual or multiple photos in various layouts with optional date / time label Index Print - print an index of images up to 12 x 12 on a single page. Include optional header / footer and filename / date & time
Calendar Print - print a calendar with images in either one month, three months, six months or one year templates. (Various layouts available for each template). Postcard Print - print a postcard with a single or multiple images in various layouts with text.
Album Print - print multiple images in a photo album style, backgrounds, frames, text and stamps can be added to individual pages Contact Sheet Print [PRO] - print multiple images along with detailed exposure information

Create and Share

The Create and Share tools provide output options as well as panorama creation. You can produce everything from slideshows to wallpaper, HTML albums and email. Each option is shown and explained below.

Slideshow - create custom slideshows based on selected images or all images in a folder / album. You can display the slideshow on the screen, save it as a screen saver or create a QuickTime movie (example 640x480 here - 357 KB). Wallpaper - creates a custom wallpaper for your computer with optional faded template, text and background
HTML Album - quickly create custom HTML albums for posting on a personal website. Images are automatically resized to fit into predefined size. (example album here). E-mail - An easy to use email tool for sending images along with a text comment. Images are automatically resized and an overall message size limit can be applied.
Auto Panorama - images shot with the camera set to Panorama mode are identified by this tool and correctly arranged. (before stitch clip). Free Stitch Panorama [PRO] - drag and drop multiple images and arrange with semi-transparency. Images don't have to have been shot in Panorama mode. (before stitch clip).

RAW import plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

Also provided on the Camedia Master CD-ROM (and the Olympus website) is a RAW import plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, this hasn't changed or improved since the E-20 and so you can find details of this plug-in in my Olympus E-20 review.